New Found Road Recovery Program
12 Step Christ-Centered Recovery Program
Learning to understand that “YOU” can do all things through Christ is unimaginable when you are wounded, weak, battling with Chemical Dependency’s, Grief, Anger, Depression and other areas of life that may have your life at a stand still, wondering which road to travel.
Here at Bethels, “New Found Road Recovery”, we offer a 12 step, Christ-Centered, SAFE & CONFIDENTIAL setting without the fear of judgment. We all have mask we wear, appearing all-together externally but internally, we are fighting battles we need help with.
We have assembled a group of volunteers that have lived life and walked through challenges and now realize they have been given a change to help walk with you to your new beginnings!
New Found Road’s Recovery meetings, meet every Tuesday, from 6:30 – 8:00 pm with gender based group settings and child-care is provided. For more info, please phone 502-964-7079